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Domain Name Alert: Watch Out for Shady Sales Tactics

From time to time, we get solicited by individuals looking to sell domain names to lawyers.  It happened today, but what caught my eye with the domain name in question was the boast that, “searching the term ‘[CITY] [STATE] Attorney’ on Google, yields approximately 1.2 million results with numerous paid ads.”  Well, yes.  If one searches the four word term on Google, there are over 1.2 million pages that contain the words “city,” “state” and “attorney” in the same character string, but a quick search using Google’s keyword traffic tool reveals that fewer than 10 people every month actually search for the phrase.  In other words, the name has virtually no organic traffic, and little inherent value.

This happened to a client once, but on a much larger scale, and we were able to prevent the client from losing hundreds of thousands of dollars on a scam.  That’s not to say that the individual who emailed us was operating a scam, but the information in his email was misleading.  It just highlights the need to be careful and do diligence before engaging in any domain name transactions.