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Lewis & Lin Defends Pair of Domain Names

In Danshar (1963) Ltd. v. Joey Gilbert/ Daisy Li, Case No. D2011-2304 (WIPO March 11, 2012), and Floor and Decor Outlets of America, Inc. v. Anna Marie Fanelli, No: FA1430576 (NAF April 4, 2012), Lewis & Lin LLC helped successfully defend complaints brought against a former distributor of skin care products and a retail design studio, respectively.  Both cases affirm the principle that a party that registers a domain name in good faith for a legitimate business use is the rightful holder of the domain name.  In Danshar, the Respondent registered and used the domain name at issue for fifteen years with the blessing of the complainant’s predecessors.  In Floor and Decor, the Respondent owned and operated a retail design studio under the name Floor & Decor for 22 years, 11 of those predating any use by the Complainant.