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Lewis & Lin's Trademark Attorneys Featured in World Trademark Review

The World Trademark Review, an international magazine and website on trademark law, has has cited Lewis & Lin’s web trademark service, www.TrademarkAttorneys.com, in its recent blog post, Price v. Service: The New Battleground for Law Firms.  The post quoted Lewis & Lin partner Brett E. Lewis as saying that “individuals and small businesses tend to search for trademark attorneys online in increasing numbers.” Unfortunately, however, “most of the online services that have sprung up offer overly simplistic solutions that largely neglect and eschew a trademark attorney’s traditional role as an advisor.”  Mr. Lewis notes that the attorneys at Lewis & Lin “have a historical success rate at obtaining registrations approaching the upper 90% range.”

Lewis & Lin Launches TrademarkAttorneys.com to Take on Online Trademark Mills

Can your business afford to use a trademark mill to register its trademarks? What you do not know about trademarks can hurt your business. Learn how to protect yourself — choose the right trademark attorney.

Small business owners and entrepreneurs are increasingly turning to online Websites to register their trademarks. These sites often promise low, flat fees, and automated processes. Visiting the local lawyer to register the company trademarks can seem so 20th Century.