Licensing Agreements

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Lewis & Lin’s licensing attorneys have broad experience in the areas of technology, intellectual property and content licensing. We represent a wide range of entities across a variety of industries, from individual entrepreneurs to publicly traded companies, in drafting and negotiating the necessary documents for their business needs.

The following is a representative list of licensing and related agreements and services provided by Lewis & Lin:

  • Software license agreements for vendors and licensees
  • End user license agreements
  • Trademark and domain name licensing and sale agreements
  • Software development agreements
  • Content licensing agreements
  • Film Production and Co-Production agreements
  • Outsourcing, support and service level agreements
  • Source code escrow agreements
  • Co-branding, revenue sharing and marketing agreements
  • Due diligence and negotiation of representations and warranties in sale of business transactions
  • Nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements
  • Inventions assignments and employee/contractor non-competition agreements
  • Work for hire, contracting and subcontracting agreements
  • Website development, graphic design and other services agreements
  • Creation of customized standard form agreements for your business
  • Acting as “general counsel” for your new or expanding business

Whether your company is a start-up or growing business, Lewis & Lin attorneys can provide experienced counsel on critical intellectual property issues to help you build up and protect the goodwill and intellectual property rights of your business.

If you wish to discuss the licensing needs of your business, contact us today.